Back in Guam

P1020598We (Pete and Mo) made it back to Guam Monday morning after 12 days close hauled, rails in the water, sailing against the wind and current from Yap. We’ll have a full report to follow but here’s some of the highlights form the trip. We set sail for Ulithi with $2500 worth of tools and materials from the crowd funding campaign and several bags of donated clothes, boat repair materials from The Boat Shop and medical supplies from SDA. It took us 4 days to sail to Ulithi when we decided to stop because the block on the mainsheet had broken and needed repair. We met with some of the people responsible for organization in Ulithi who were extremely grateful for the items we were bringing them. However, the customs official in Yap was not happy that we had not properly presented ourselves in Yap for his approval and permission to go to Ulithi before going there. Our being in Ulithi was going to cause more trouble for the people there than our help was worth so we sailed on to Yap to file the appropriate forms, pay the fees and receive the appropriate stamps and signatures. We did accidentally drop the items we brought for Ulithi overboard in that vicinity before we sailed but don’t tell anyone. We arrived in Yap on a Thursday afternoon and were not able to perform all of the important bureaucratic ceremonies and turn the boat around in 24 hours so had to stay the weekend to get permission to leave. We tried to leave on Monday and sailed for 5 hours and only made 2 nautical miles progress toward Ulithi. The winds were too light and the currents around Yap are strong from east to west and we needed to go east. We went back to Yap to acquire additional diesel fuel and another dose of harassment from the customs official and were finally able to leave again on Wednesday. We motored for about 18 hours straight for Ulithi where we hoped to work for about two weeks on fixing shelters cleaning up debris and repairing boats. Unfortunately after 18 hours the boat made a funny noise and we realized we weren’t going anywhere. The part that connects the transmission to the prop shaft had sheered and we were officially under sail power only for the rest of our journey. Our expert weather team advised us to head north to avoid an oncoming storm and we gave up on getting to Ulithi and had to struggle just to get the boat home to Guam. It took us 12 days of zig zagging and beating into the wind to get back to Guam. Luckily, by heading n orth we missed another Typhoon that went by Ulithi and hit Yap and got here in time to buckle down for Typhoon Dolphin which will be here in a couple days. We cleared Guam customs Monday morning and started to clean up the boat and get her ready to brace up for the impending storm. It’s good to be back in Guam and have ready access to dry land and a shower! Thank you everyone who contributed money, materials, kind thoughts, love and support all along our journey! Especially thanks to all the people of Ulithi and Yap for all of their amazing hospitality along the way. It didn’t exactly go as planned but it was a grand adventure! We are glad to be home.P1020575