Democracy Spring - Day 1

Democracy Spring – Day 1

Today was the first day of Democracy Spring, a movement to bring attention to the imbalances created by big money in our political system and to ask congress to re-establish fairness to voters.  A group of us are marching from the liberty bell in Philadelphia to the Capitol building  in Washington DC in hopes of sparking a national conversation and inspiring people to demand more from our elected officials in Washington.  We started the day with a rally in front of independence hall complete with great music and poetry from some of Philadelphia’s youth and inspiring words from several speakers.

Despite the rainy cold weather, we began the march feeling inspired and excited to take our message of love and equality to the capital to ask our representatives to represent us.

We marched through Philadelphia with a substantial police escort which did an excellent job of keeping everyone safe by keeping us pedestrians separate from vehicles.  By the afternoon, the weather cleared up and the sun came out which lifted everyone’s spirits even higher.

As we march we carry signs which say things like,”get big money out of politics” and “if money is speech then speech isn’t free” we call and respond chants like, “What do we want? – Democracy. – When do we want it? – Now!”.  As we walk down the street and meet new friends, we start to form as a community, committed to nonviolent direct engagement with our body politic.  It’s a good day to be part of this community.  It feels good to be around so many people who want to make things better.

you can be part of the movement too!  Join us…