Democracy Spring - Day 2

Democracy Spring – Day 2

flagDay 2. We marched 17 miles today from Chester Pennsylvania to Wilmington, Delaware.  Today started cold and really windy but our spirits were high after spending the night split among several wonderful church families who fed us and housed us and supported us in our cause.

Eventually, the sun came out and the wind settled down a little and the weather was actually perfect for marching with a group of friends.

about 5 miles into today’s March it was time for lunch and our path was blocked by an Amtrak derailment.  We stopped and ate and shared a moment of silence while we contemplated the fragility of life and thought of the lives lost in a sudden horrible accident.  After lunch we detoured around the accident and were quiet for quite some time.  Several people were also upset when one of our marchers tripped on uneven pavement and banged his knee and had to leave the March for medical evaluation and recovery.  It is amazing how close a group of people can become by walking next to each other mile after mile.

We are beginning to coalesce as a team and a family and it is only day 2.  I’m starting to get a since of why what we are doing is a dangerous idea and why it is such a threat to the establishment.  We have walked less than 30 miles of a 140 mile trek together and the bonds that we have already formed and the ideas that we have already shared are so powerful that it actually feels like we could make a difference.  It feels like we could move mountains With the passion and love that this group of people feel for humanity.  It gives me tremendous hope to be the boots on the ground at the beginning of a movement who’s time has come.  The energy is growing and if it continues At this exponential rate we will be an amazing force by the time we get to the capital to demand that our government represent the people and not the corporatocracy.

Today we took inspiration as we stopped to admire a mural on a church where Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Spent three years serving and learning before he became the face of the civil rights movement.  It’s time to return to the tradition of civil disobedience to get the attention of an unresponsive government.

If you think so too, join us on the March or in DC or lend your support.