Democracy Spring – Day 3

We marched 15 miles today.  It rained at the end of the day but some of our intrepid leaders led us in chants to keep everyone’s spirits up as we approached our end point for the day.  As we walked across the campus of university of Delaware, we sang:

one person

one vote

money out

of politics

money out

voters in

I believe

we will win…

And I do believe we will win.  With this many people focusing this much love and positive energy on one thing, we can’t help but win.  We have already won by coming together and sharing in this community.

We stopped for the night at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Newark DE.  Our hosts provided us another amazing meal.  We so appreciate the people who have signed up to support us along our path because this would be impossible without them.  It feels really good to realize how much they appreciate us.  We feel like they are giving us so much.  I realized tonight that they feel like we are giving them so much too.  We are embarking on this journey on their behalf and people want to be part of this movement in whatever way they can.  This evening I was brought to tears when members of our host congregation offered us foot massages after our 15 mile day.  I thought of the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet and I was humbled and honored at their healing touch.

Every person I have met here has shared amazing stories and their inspirations for being here have inspired me to keep going.  I’m still struggling with my willingness to risk arrest when we get to DC.  I worry about being able to travel back to Guam if I am tied up in the legal system in DC.  I imagine I will struggle with that decision until the last minute.  I’m hoping for clarity but it’ll probably just be a game time decision.

You should join us.

Democracy Spring