#DemocracySpring – Day 12

DS uncle Sam1We arrived in our Nations capitol yesterday. It was exciting as new people joined the march. The university of MD student organizations held a teach-in rally for us in the morning and we had a great police escort the entire way into town. The excitement was palpable as we came over the hill and looked down to see the Capitol Building and as we approached Union Station. We had a rally at Columbus Circle where we celebrated our accomplishment of getting nearly 150 people from Philadelphia to DC without loosing anyone or any major injuries. By the time we marched into Columbus Circle we must have had 300 people.
Now we move forward into the crux of the action, to risk arrest in order to bring attention to the corruption which has infected our political establishment. I believe that the people of America do not want billionaires and giant corporations making all of the decisions. I also believe that enough of the American public is frustrated and irritated enough with the system to take action and demand change. Today close to 500 people were arrested for trying to make their voice heard, rounded up as they approached the halls of power to speak truth to the people who claim to represent them. Today broke the record for the number of people arrested in a single protest at the US capitol. Tomorrow, we will do it again.