Heading to Ulithi!

Men's house in Yap

Men’s house in Yap

We made it to Yap to clear customs, quarantine, environmental, health, immigration, and port. We needed more than 24 hours to make repairs and top off the tanks, so, had to stay for the weekend. We are going to get up and clear customs in the morning to leave as soon as we can Monday and head back to Ulithi.  The weather is not ideal.  It looks like there might not be enough wind to get back to Ulithi so we may have to motor.  Some of the weather models show a possible storm popping up later next week so we may have to leave earlier than planned to head back to Guam.  Jackie will keep an eye on that and advise us.  We are excited to finally get on the ground and do some work toward recovery efforts instead of coordination and bureaucracy efforts.  The FSM and Yap have had their hands full trying to coordinate all of the relief efforts but things seem to be moving along toward recovery and sustainment operations.

We stopped in Ulithi on the way to Yap in order to make short term repairs to the rig.  People cant work very hard in the heat of the day since there is limited shade and water but early in the morning and evening the whole place is like a bee hive of activity with work teams clearing away downed trees and setting up shelters.  The people are amazingly up beat and resilient.  Everyone is thankful for the little bit of help we can offer and so gracious.  Even though food and water are rationed, everyone offered us food and drink in true Micronesian fashion.  We have stocked our boat with enough food and water to last us a month so we will not be a burden on the already taxed supply chain.  We will contribute whatever we have left when we leave.

Thank you for checking in on our progress and sending some good thoughts for our brothers and sisters in Ulithi into the universe.