Made it to Reno

I drove for four days straight to get to Boulder, pick up the tickets, and get to Reno to meet Jackie. As I got closer I saw more and more burners and got more and more excited. You can tell the people going to burning man by the number of bicycles stuffed into the bed of a truck or jambed onto bike racks or stacked up on top of a popup trailer towed by an old Winnebego. There was more and more blue and pink hair and furry hats.  As I finally neared Reno and passed the exit for Burning Man, almost every third car coming the other way on the highway was clearly heading for the Black Rock Desert.

It didn’t really occur to me ahead of time but Reno is (of course) like rally point A for Burning man. I got to the hotel and was excited to see lots of RVs and burners staging out of the parking lot making last minute adjustments to loads and waiting to pick up people at the airport. I saw there was a Walmart across the street and decided to try to get most of our food for the week before Jackie arrived… That is when I started to understand. Walmart was packed with burners and there were holes in the shelves where one product was completely gone. Campbells chunky soup, vodka and batteries were all gone. Obviously Walmart had anticipated this crowd though and had pallets of Ramen noodles ready in center isle displays. It was a little overwhelming and not recommended immediately after driving for forty something hours.
I felt better after a nap and some dinner and getting Jackie from the airport. Today we’re getting ready to load up our water containers and head out to the desert for the experience and the spectacle. Cant wait to tell you about it when we emerge on the other side.  Much Love.

IMG_0153 IMG_0154