Made it to Yap!

Wed 10 Apr 2013, 1800

Well, we made it to Yap!  We got here Tuesday afternoon and stayed in a hotel the first night.  It was nice to sit on a toilet that wasn’t trying to throw you off.

It was a good sail down.  We left right before sundown on Thursday in time to see our neighbors returning from a day-sail with friends to wave us out of the harbor.  Day one we got the windvane steering to work and settled in for the ride.  Day two we caught a Mahi and ate really well for three meals.  Day three we ran out of ice and found a broken egg in the cooler which meant cleaning up rotten milk and rotten eggs at the same time…  Day four we passed Ulithi one of the outer island of Yap State.  We had some strong winds and waves that night and reefed way down.  We saw our friends on the Lorax pass in the night.  Day five we ran the motor all day because we didn’t want to get to Yap after dark.  We got in just in time to clear customs before the end of the work day, right behind The Lorax.

We stayed at a hotel the first night to get nice showers and sleep in a bed that wasn’t rocking.  We woke up to our friend telling us that our dinghy had flipped over and our brand new outboard was underwater.  So, we spent our first day on Yap learning how to recover an outboard from submersion and water infiltration.  We also got the boat cleaned up and livable again.  So, tomorrow we are ready for some relaxing, maybe a hike, and then maybe diving the next day.

It’s nice to be in Yap.  The people are really wonderful.  We are excited to meet up with some old friends and meet some new ones.  All’s well with Absolute.  Hope you are well!