Ready to Sail

We are finally almost ready to sail. If you wait too long to sail, you start second guessing yourself and thinking things like, “I’m not sure I got enough Cherrios.” At that point it is time to cast off and trust that the $300 of Campbels Chunky soup and Chef Boyardee and $50 of Ramen Noodles will probably get you where you are going and back.

We have a bunch of hammers and tin snips, several miscellaneous tarps, some fiberglass and resin, a bunch of PVC and donated clothes. Hopefully these things will be useful to the people of Ulithi.

Please watch this video with before and after pics Here.

You can follow our dot on a map with SPOT Here.

You can donate to pay for these tarps and hammers Here

You can check out our 32 page float planOPLAN 150416 Ulithi