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So I’m pretty new at the website design thing, but also pretty excited about the new language I get to learn! (If you know me and how much I love languages this should be no surprise).  From setting up the site so far I’ve learned to edit basic HTML, create menus, pages, and new users, and started to learn about Plugins (something I had never used on a website before).  My most recent plugin discovery was for an email sign-up box for the site.  If you look in the right-side margin you should see a place to enter your email address and a button that says ‘Subscribe’.  Type it in ans click the button and you will receive and email each time Pete or I publish a new post.

Starting tomorrow you will also be seeing posts from a new user, TextsFromAbsolute.  TextsFromAbsolute will post all text messages sent from our satellite phone while at sea (should be about one a day).

Why will you start to see posts from the new user tomorrow?  Because we are leaving for Yap…. TOMORROW!  It’s finally feeling real.  The boat is packed, we’ve said goodbye to our Guam friends (though just for a 7-8 weeks), and Absolute boat looks great.  I really think she is psyched for the trip too.


We’ve had lots of wishes so far for fair winds and following seas.  The weather looks like it will be good 10-15 knots most of the way, with clouds (good!) and 5-7 foot swells with 3 foot wind waves.  This is just about the best we could ask for.  This will be the easy leg of the trip too since it is downwind.  515 miles.  If we make great time we’ll get to Yap in 4 days.  It could take up to five or six if winds are light.  Will update to facebook, blog, and send emails upon arrival!!

So excited!!!!