Support Democracy

Hello Friends,

Im heading North today to go to Philadelphia to march to DC and try to meet with some congress people to press the case for congress to hold hearings on supreme court nominations, fix citizens united, and reinstate the voting rights act. It just occurred to me that I have friends who might want to participate or support the movement but are too far away or busy to participate directly. The march is really grass roots and they are asking marchers to raise money to cover the expenses (food, lodging, transporting stuff, etc.)  I’ve never participated in a direct action before and am really excited to lend my voice to try to make a difference.

If you want to support or know anyone else who would want to support this march, please send them here.
Any donation goes straight to the organization. So, I (or anyone else) wont know if you donated or not.

The march from Philly to DC is

The rally in DC is

In Love and Solidarity,

Watch the news. I heard Uncle Sam might be making an appearance…