Ulithi/Fais Trip

Ulithi and Fais are islands to the south of Guam. They are between us and Yap and are outer islands of Yap State, FSM.  They got hit hard by Typhoon Maysak last week. By the time it hit them it was a Category 5 Typhoon with sustained winds in the 160 mph range. They are small atoll islands and the strong winds destroyed most of the buildings and all of the crops. They dont have any record of ever being hit with this kind of storm before and they dont have the infrastructure to quickly recover from this kind of disaster. I am going to sail down with as many hand tools as I can gather up and try to help out in any way I can. So far I have a few tarps and some hammers and tin snips. They are asking for chain saws and PVC pipe among other things. We started an indiegogo campaign to raise money to buy tools.

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Our friend Brad Holland has been to the islands and has shared some of his photographs.

ulithi pic 6 ulithi pic 8 ulithi pic 11 ulithi pic 12