Underway: Bound for Guam

This is not a text update. It is way more than 160 characters. Absolute is underway for Guam. You will be able to follow progress on the Spot Map tab as long as SPOT satellite coverage cooperates. Satellite text updates will be posted as received. Prior to departure message was: “Heading back to Guam today! Will take at least a week to get there. Sad to leave Yap but excited for more sailing and stars and looking forward to being back home in Guam.” A new water pump for the Isuzu 2AB1 engine is on order and should be there by the time we arrive on GU. Thanks to Google, email, cruising forums, friends with engine repair experience on older engines and a supplier that could accurately give telephone instructions on exactly what information was required to order the proper water pump and exactly where to find it on the engine – even if it was caked with engine crud or painted over. He also didn’t flinch at mention of shipping parts to Guam. More on this later I would think.